2. Sep 18th, 2012    
  3. Vacation Time

    Things to do on Vacation

    - Build room in Basement

    - Add secret entrance to Bat Cave in said room

    - Drink Beer

    - Get a Tan

    - Mountain Bike

    - Stay up realy late

    - Go to the Beach

    - Play with HotWeels with gavin while he is still in the hospital

    - Paint pictures with the kids

    - Drive the wife insaine with something new every day

  4. Aug 3rd, 2012    
  5. RPG Carnival: what’s in your Satchel?

    I’m hoping to take part in this month’s blog carnivals; it’s relates to what you and your character might happen to have in your backpacks. Instead i decided to write about what’s in my D&D satchel

    See young adventures. I used to have it all. A room to play D&D with, large printed maps, tiles, miniatures of all shapes and sizes. But then i leveled up with kids, and have not been the same for a while. Each week we have no idea what we are playing or where we are playing.

    So i Have everything i need in my Satchel to run D&D for everyone, mind you its a tight fight.



    • Flip chart paper, Rolled up 1” Grid from Staples (Maps on Demand)



    • Red Box
    • Notebook
    • Pencils
    • Chain-mail dice-bag with only 2 sets of dice
    • Character Sheets
    • DM: Session Notes/Monsters

    Red Box

    Red Box

    • More Pencils
    • Wax Crayons (for Maps)
    • Blast/Burst Tiles
    • Minis for players and monsters

    Dice Bag

    Acer Tablet

    That’s all; its not high tech, its not amazing. its simple, and easy and we can do most things with it. 

    (Source: gameknightreviews.com)

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  9. W1D1


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  11. Love Helps

  12. Jun 19th, 2012     http://frugaldad.com/love-helps
  13. its all just too funny

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  17. Caine’s Arcade

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  19. What has my wife done to my kids

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